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Alpha Jax
  • Client Microsoft Studios
  • Services Game Development & UX/UI Design & Windows Phone development;

Alpha Jax

AlphaJax quickly established itself as the premier word game on Windows Phone. AlphaJax won an award for best mobile application at the Onya Awards in Wellington, New Zealand in February 2011. AlphaJax was also a finalist in the Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards in November 2011.
Much of the work on AlphaJax was carried out during pre-release versions of the Windows Phone Development SDKs. One of the challenges was to design the application so it could withstand architectural changes along the way as a result of changes in the software as it progressed. It was also challenging to not have a physical device until late in the development cycle, but we coped! Another major aspect was performance turning. Developing AlphaJax with pre-release software on pre-release developer hardware gave us all a real appreciation of the importance of wrestling every last bit of performance out of a mobile application. We left no stone unturned to provide an experience that was as fast, fluid and delightful as possible for the end user, and we've taken our leanings from AlphaJax and applied them incrementally through all our other Windows Phone applications. Most recently we're proud to have worked through the rigorous testing and quality processes involved in taking a game onto the Xbox LIVE platform. We're proud of the results and hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we do.
Alpha Jax

AlphaJax continues to be one of the most successful games on the Windows Phone platform. The title was sold to Microsoft Game Studios in 2012 and is available on Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone.

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