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  • Client Open Country Dairy
  • Services CX/UX/UI Design & Co-Design & iOS dev & Android dev;


Delivering big data in a compelling mobile experience to farmers to strengthen and increase efficiency in Open Country Dairy’s supply chain.
Open Country Dairy is New Zealand’s second largest global exporter of premium Whole Milk Powders. Their business depends on their dairy farmer suppliers who provide them with their raw materials. Marker were engaged to meet with a group of farmers and determine their requirements for a mobile app to improve their relationship with their farmers through timely data and analytics. We then ran a 5-day Co-Design Sprint with the Open Country Dairy team to design the prototype for the mobile app, which we tested with a group of the farmers the same week. We were then tasked with delivering the app to market in less than 3 months.

Meeting with the farmers in the first week of the engagement, and having the right stakeholders in the room for the first Co-Design Sprint, allowed us to descope a number of requirements and focus the MVP deliverables on what they actually needed. Getting this input early was critical to the success.

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