What is HX?

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Human Experience (HX) is an organisational philosophy based on understanding the human experience of technology. HX was developed by Apolinar to help our clients take a wider view of digital technology, and to help organisations create greater value for their stakeholders.

Apolinar believes technology is a wonderful servant in the furthering of human endeavour. 

But is not, and must never be, our master. That means making digital experiences as human and enjoyable as possible. In doing that, we help ensure uptake, that the digital things we make are actually used by their audiences, and fulfil the functions they have been designed for. 

Far too often technology solutions focus on technology rather than people. CX is great, if you can compress your whole audience into a single box called “customers.” UX is also great, if the whole business problem is interaction design.

When digital is the only way people can experience your brand and business, can you afford to get it wrong?


What Does HX Mean For You?

The whole point of HX is to provide a bigger, more flexible, more powerful framework to help your organisation succeed at digital transformation.

Technology may be logical, but the way people experience technology remains intuitive and emotional. Businesses providing a digital experience anchored in a positive human experience will survive what’s coming next - and will create the opportunity to flourish.


HX Design, Technology, Coaching, Partnership

Those businesses willing to partner honestly and effectively, who are seeking to create high levels of trust, will have the best chance of success.

At Apolinar, the HX of our organisation is helping you with digital technology, coaching your people to outperform, and building mutual value through partnership.


HX has the power to unlock true digital transformation in your organisation.

It has been tested with a wide range of organisations in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the UK, representing many different industry sectors, across a huge number of successful transformations. 

Apolinar believes HX is now the single most effective business framework and methodology for achieving digital transformation and innovation that organisations can use.

To find out more about HX, or what it is like to work with Apolinar, contact us today.

Authored by Jon Beattie

24 November 2021


Curious about HX?


The HX Handbook is a clear roadmap to creating better human experiences of technology. We hope that it will help you examine your approach to digital transformation through different lenses.

The HX Handbook is free, and we'd love for you to share it too.